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FlySafair: More than 30‚000 tickets available in the R4 per flight promotion


This was revealed in their reply to a complaint lodged with the
Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) against one of their advertisements for the promotion.FlySafair made 32‚755 one-way flights available and not just 30‚000 as part of their R4 per flight promotion earlier this year.

FlySafair said the promotion for their fourth birthday included 30‚000 one-way flights‚ but that it had made the extra tickets available to be “on the safe side of the advertised quantity of 30‚000 tickets”.


The airline also submitted a sales report that showed they finally sold 29‚599 tickets‚ because some customers cancelled their reservations or did not pay in time.

The voiceover in the commercial said the sale would start at 9am. Customers who entered their website were randomly selected and had to remain logged in to stay in the virtual waiting room with hopes of being one of the lucky ones.

The voiceover stated: “That’s right‚ R4‚ including airport taxes to all our destinations‚ for travel between now and in September 2018. Scoring a four is going to take a little patience‚ and to make sure that everyone has a fair shot at getting a R4 ticket‚ we created a waiting room.”

Pillay wanted to know if there was any proof that the airline had sold 30‚000 tickets and if they had been bought by “legitimate” customers. Pillay added that the entry method was unfair‚ because the terms and conditions did not state how many tickets each person could buy.

FlySafair said customers could buy tickets for up to 14 passengers as stated in their general terms and conditions for promotions. The ASA ruled the commercial was clear about how many tickets were available and how the draw would work.

“Any consumer listening to the commercial would understand that there is an element of luck as to whether or not one gets picked from the waiting room‚ and that not every consumer will be able to secure the deal.”

The ASA said it was not their mandate to confirm if the customers were legitimate and dismissed the complaint on Tuesday.

Source: Times Live