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Final state capture report calls ANC’s bluff on claims of fighting corruption

The state capture commission of inquiry has called the African National Congress (ANC)’s bluff on its claims that it’s been committed to fighting corruption.

It said that the party’s internal systems had not been effective in holding members to account.

Volume two of part five of the commission’s report delved into the party’s president Cyril Ramaphosa’s testimony before it, as well as the organization’s role in state capture.

It’s found that the ANC actively engaged in corrupt activities for its own gain.

Chief Justice Raymond Zondo’s report into state capture has dissected the ANC, delving into the inner workings of the governing party.

It raises concerns over the lack of accountability stemming from some of its long-standing practices, including the controversial deployment committee, voting along party lines in Parliament, and its lack of effective internal systems to hold members to account.

Zondo expressed shock at records from its disciplinary committee which showed it hadn’t taken any members to task over corruption since 2014, with the most serious sanction meted out being a temporary suspension.

He also doesn’t seem to buy into Ramaphosa’s talks of renewal and fighting corruption, simply stating that the ANC had been waging this fight for well over 20 years.

Ramaphosa’s own rise to power is captured in remarks on the CR17 statements.

Zondo said that it was clear that the firewall put in place to protect the ANC president from feeling beholden to those who donated to his multi-million rand campaign was not absolute.

He said that while Ramaphosa had insisted that he remained in the dark, it was clear that he knew of certain donors.

Ramaphosa insists the ANC’s efforts to fight graft will this time around yield results.


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