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Pictures of s*x scandal Female Cop in real life

cope nude

All media platforms are lit after se_x pictures of a female police officer were leaked by the reportedly man whom she had se_xual intercourse with. This has made it worse because the cop has a family of a husband and two children.

Not really sure on what is behind the leaking of pictures by the man but this has caused a lot of tension among the streets of social media where others are in favour of what happened and others not.

cop nude

A lot of women were touched by this matter and they have expressed their views on this matter. The other woman on Facebook wrote:

The men who was taking these pics should be arrested….its emotional abuse…..how can you enjoy someone’s wife then expose her to the world……that’s inhuman…what if she commits suicide…..we dont have to judge her because she is human she got tempted so as us…..i can emagine what she is going thru right now….ladies its hightime you should watchout for those guys who love to play wth their phones during pleasure times……..we should stop humiliating our own sisters thats unfair……ko hunhu takaisepi guys…..i know the woman was rong by cheating but she also dont deserv to be on social media this way….vakadzi chenjererai team rinofarira kutora mapics pesepese……women wer created from our ribs and we meant to protect them…..why killing them…raping them…expose them….abuse them……im so hurt to my soul……’

cop nude

More updates to follow…

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