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#FBF Reliving Generations: The Legacy Zitha & Tau’s wedding pictures

#FBF Reliving Generations: The Legacy Zitha & Tau’s wedding pictures.  Generations: The Legacy actors Zitha & Tau confirm dating rumours indirectly. It all started as rumours, but from the look of things, the actors seem to be in a romantic relationship. Zoe Mthiyane she’s been adamant about not talking about her relationship status.

Word on the street is that Zoe is dating her Generations cast member – Rapulana Seiphemo and although the two have not confirmed anything, it seems like Zoe is beginning to open up a bit about the man in her life.

Just recently she posted this Man Crush Monday picture of Rapulana, granted, any man in your life can be your #MCM even when you’re not dating, that’s a given.

So we decided to reshare some pictures of their wedding pictures…After what has felt like an endless back and forth and a crazy amount of problems in their relationship, Generations’ new it couple – Tau and Zitha – will finally make their way down the aisle this Friday, 20 July 2018.

Viewers have followed the roller-coaster journey that has seen Tau (played by Rapulana Seiphemo) try too hard to be happy about the upcoming wedding even though his relationship with Zitha (Zoe Mthiyane) has been marred with betrayal and trust issues. Being the simple woman that she is, Zitha requests a wedding that is as simple as possible – just the exchange of vows followed by a reception with their friends and family.

Zitha and Tau's wedding

You’re invited !! 💍❤️

Zitha and Tau's wedding

Thank you for your support sisters…Pearly and Chi 💋Here’s to women holding each other up. Women for women 🙏🏾 #generationsthelegacy #peace

Zitha and Tau's wedding

💋💋💋When you want to give God praise but don’t have any other dance moves #HandsToTheKnees #Twerk

Zitha and Tau's wedding

Always loved your flawless, awesome and beautiful acting right from the beginning.

Zitha and Tau's wedding

You truly are beautiful with an amazing personality, lovely voice and such passion. Also beautiful as a mommy, wife and friend too.

Zitha and Tau's wedding

Live in the moment. Live in the breath. #tbt