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Farting during s.e.x and how to avoid it

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Imagine having s.e.x with your partner and a loud sound comes out right from your backside. Embarrassing right?

S.e.x is meant to be intimate, hot and steamy however, we cannot ignore the fact that embarrassing moments do take place even during such amazing times.

Farting is a reflex that happens and as embarrassing as it is, it comes naturally and we can’t do much about it. For women, farting happens during s.e.x when the 4-5 pushes into the vag!na.

This movement puts pressure on the a-nus wall which is actually next to the vag!na. Before you go crawling under the sheets with embarrassment, here are a few tips to follow to avoid that embarrassing moment:

  • Stay away from foods that make you feel bloated
  • Try to have a bowel movement before s.e.x
  • Reduce the number of drinks you consume that are filled with carbon especially before s.e.x.
  • Try to eat slowly to reduce the amount of air you swallow when eating.
  • Exercising regularly helps move gas through your digestive system.

As embarrassing as it is to fart during s.e.x, it happens naturally and if it happens it is okay just brush it away and continue to have fun with your partner.

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