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Fans fall in love with #TheQueenMzansi new uncle: Memes

Vusi Thanda

Veteran Vusi Thanda, popular for his iconic role as Tshawe (Chawe) of Emzini Wezinsizwa fame, plays Mzi and he’s as funny as they come.

Brutus has held the MVP spot as the favourite TV uncle for a while now, but it seems the addition of The Queen’s uncle Mziwoxolo has introduced some competition in that department. And viewers are loving it.

Vusi Thanda

The viewers, who expressed how much they missed the old actor on their screens, found themselves rolling on the floor with laughter whenever he opened his mouth. It seems like where the Khoza’s have the ‘Brutus and Shaka’ combo, the Mabuza’s now have their very own ‘Mzi and Gift’ combo.

It all makes for hilarious television. And tweeps had the memes ready:







Meanwhile, other people are just worried Mzi will overshadow the OG fave uncle Brutus.

Source: Times Live