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Durban Gen actress Fanele Ntuli (Dr Zondo) ventures into cattle farming

Actress Fanele Ntuli is famous for playing the role of intern Dr Thandekile Zondo on etv telenovela Durban Gen. She is a career-driven young woman to be the best doctor.

Dr Zondo has little to no time for the petty drama that goes on in the hospital. She tries to outshine every intern in the hospital by working hard to land the most complicated surgeries and medical cases.Fanele Ntuli1

The first season of Durban Gen sees her trying to pursue a love relationship with a surgeon, Dr Mthembu – the role played by Cedric Fourie who entered Durban Gen as a patient after he suffered an accident.

Romantic sparks started flying between them while he was covered with bandages from head to toe. After Dr Mthembu recovers, he pursues Dr Zondo romantically, but after going on a date, she realizes that she is not interested in the handsome surgeon. She was indeed interested in Dr Ngcobo, a fellow intern and the person she thought she hated and was competing against.

The two start sneaking around and hiding their chemistry from their friends and continue acting like they immensely dislike each other. They come out to their housemate and friend, Dr Mthetwa, but their relationship ended when Dr Ngcobo left the hospital and relocated.

Currently, Thandekile is back to being the focused career-oriented intern while helping her friend Mbali deal with her issues.

Fanele Ntuli is a chilled mother of one 3-year-old boy and a focused farmer by profession in real life. When she is not busy shooting for Durban Gen scenes, she will be active at her farm in her rural home in KwaZulu Natal’s Chibili area.

Dr Zondo is a cattle rancher; she boasts a herd of over 150 cattle. She is also into crop farming which she plants to supplement her cattle feeds.


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