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Fan attacks Zodwa Wabantu on Instagram after she shared a video

Zodwa Wabantu

A singer, songwriter known as YoungDavid was trying to provoke Zodwa Wabantu when he went and commented on her latest video.

Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu took to Instagram and shared a video that she captioned – “UPLift Yourself Girl💪🔥🙌👑 Zithwale”. In the comments to that video YoungDavid who is a fan had a comment that got other fans talking.

In short, YoungDavid was attacking Zodwa Wabantu, he said – “What are you even impacting in the life of the Young women and children around you, it’s such a shame to call this success, got no love for you”


Here is the video that Zodwa Wabantu shared…

Other fans came in and commented on YoungDavid’s comment, one said – mesidky – @youngdavid75 lol ungena phi Bro. Xes doing this for living. Leave de lady alone tog…😂😂

And another said – slieh2sweet – @youngdavid75 don’t be so deep she couldn’t care less with your opinion, khona uqinisile ngalokho, but ke ubomi sana kumelwe kuphilwe

Zodwa Wabantu hasn’t commented as yet but I wonder what she will say to this young singer. Personally, I think he is just looking for attention so that he can get his somewhat entertainment career going. What do you think, does Zodwa Wabantu inspire other ladies to work hard or? Watch the video from Instagram and follow the comments.


Source: News365coza/Instagram

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