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Gogo Skhotheni exposes fake Sangomas – Here are all lies and the truth you need to know

Gogo Skhotheni

Real muthi, used to terrorize your family, can never be seen with the naked eye. This is gogo Patricia Skhotheni’s opinion. She wants to warn people about the lies told by zangoma.

In a video on Facebook, the gogo said if a sangoma comes to your home to remove muthi that you can see you must know they planted it to begin with.

“When they tell you there’s muthi in your yard it’s a lie. You can’t see that muthi with your naked eye,” she said.

The gogo said she’s experienced this herself.

“No one has time to come and dig up something they know nothing about. They know exactly what they’ve buried there,” said Skhotheni.

She also said tokoloshes are spiritual things that you can’t see through the naked eye.

“If a sangoma tells you to go to a place to dig up something that is stopping you from prospering, that sangoma planted it.

“We can’t lie to our own people because they keep going to fake prophets.”

Responding to the Facebook post, Lunga Mkhize (41) said a sangoma visited their home to remove muthi.

He questioned the practice but his family opposed him.

“I told them sometimes there is no muthi and that it’s brought by whoever is trying to remove it,” he said.

Lunga said his family spent R3 000 on the process.

Lerato Mofokeng (39) said her family spent R4 700 to remove muthi that was allegedly hard to remove.

“This sangoma first came and said he’s only been able to remove the first part and will need more money for the harder part,” she said.

She said when she questioned her family about it, they told her it was best for the family.

“They didn’t want to listen to me but I let them spend their money and we still have problems we can’t deal with,” said Lerato.

Sphesihle Nyembe (34) said he lost his mum last year and a sangoma told him there’s muthi planted in the yard.

“She told me someone wants this house and they’re trying to get me to leave. I was sceptical but then she told me she needs money to remove it. Then, I knew she was playing me,” said Sphesihle.

The publication spoke to cultural expert, Muziwenkosi Ngwenya, who said this is a disgrace. He said this is not allowed culturally and adviced Mapaseka to get a restraining order if this persists.

“Brothers are allowed to ask their sister-in-laws for a hand in marriage but I’ve never heard of a babazala who goes after their Makoti. I hope he comes to his senses,” said Muziwenkosi.

-daily sun

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