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Fake Prophet Playing with Fire

Fake Prophet

When the people heard the ‘man of God’ screaming that he was being robbed, they jumped to the aid of the prophet. But the robbery was a setup, the prophet was a fake and the thugs were actors.

THE ONLY THING THAT WAS REAL WAS THE CHAOS! It appears the fake healer dreamt up a plan to show residents of F4, Hammanskraal, Tshwane what a powerful healer he was.

Fake Prophet

His plan was to get two actors, dress them up in balaclavas and let them come to his house. Then he would tell the neighbours there were thugs in his home.


That is how residents ended up outside the yard, with two fake thugs running around in the yard, allegedly trapped by the healer. They confessed to terrorising the community, demonstrating how they stole valuables and then throwing themselves on the ground, apparently at the mercy of the healer.

Fake Prophet

But the healer would not let the residents come into the yard. What the healer hadn’t realised was that the angry residents would want revenge and start demanding that the culprits be taught a lesson.

Meanwhile, the two stripped to their underpants and began beating each other, apparently at the command of the healer.

Fake Prophet

The people begged the healer to let them in but he sprinkled them with what they thought was muthi, insisting that the people stay outside the yard. It made the crowd suspicious.

“Was this man desperate for clients, to pull such a stunt?” angry community members asked.

When police arrived the healer drove out of the yard in his car with the two men and raced away.

The healer spoke to the Daily Sun and said he was going to bath the thugs so they could regain their thoughts before handing them to the police – but he never arrived at the police station. Margaret Mothotse said the prophet was playing with fire.

Fake Prophet

“We are terrorised by criminals here and whenever a tsotsi is caught residents make sure he ends up in pain. What if the residents had killed his actors?” she asked.

She said he never followed their kasi procedures.

“He should have blown his whistle, and he refused to let the Community Policing Forum enter his yard. His plan could have ended in tragedy.”

Resident Mavis Kgomo said she heard the healer also used actors when he was living in Mogwase, North West.

“Out-of-work actors get jobs from him. They are hired to confess and pretend to be sick. He apparently pays well and desperate people believe them,” she said.

Temba police spokesman Constable Herman Moremi said the sangoma never came to the police station.

“Maybe he is still on the way. Some residents alerted the police. The man left his house. We hope he will come to the station and open a case if he believes the men he had in the car were going to steal from him.”

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