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VIDEO: Faith Nketsi’s sexxy dance moves in the kitchen stun Mzansi

Well-known Mzansi rapper, reality TV star, and, influencer Faith Nketsi’s kitchen dance thrilled fans.

Faith Nketsi has made many headlines in the past few weeks since she announced her divorce from her husband.

A few weeks later, she celebrated her birthday and made an excellent video in the mud.

Indeed, since her divorce, many fans expected Faith to live more quietly than most ladies do.

Faith Nketsi

Indeed, that is not Faith Nketsi; she loves to be happy, dancing and showing off her expensive lifestyle.

Musa Khawula shared the excellent video, and fans loved what they saw, Faith Nketsi showing her dancing skills.

It was a long evening as Faith Nketsi prepared dinner for her family.

She shared every step of her cooking and showed how good she is as a cook.

Faith Nketsi

While waiting for her food to be ready, Faith Nketsi started dancing in the kitchen.

She started by moving her body so well, advancing her face to the camera, and fans loved it.

Her outfit also thrilled many fans as they noticed how good she looked.


Here are some of the reactions:

Harper Moore “Faith Nketsi’s dancing is on fire, she truly knows how to move! Mesmerizing and captivating, she’s a true dance sensation.”

SuccessfulVillageGirl “Is she Twerking again???? Jub Jub Oscar Pistorius woolies Ramaphosa Trevor Noah”

Kevinz odiaz “Electrifying dance moves, nothing is safe around that power surge”

Miss P “The only one who was able to maintain this BBL story. She’s doing it well”

Ma’Dlamini ✨ “The she’s finished comment is weird . This hun is beautiful ”

Lydia “The shape of her face is very different I always find myself staring at the face and her cute small chin”

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Well-known South African reality TV star, rapper, and influencer Faith Nketsi showed off her expensive handbag worth over R465k. Faith Nketsi remains one of the finest fashionistas in the country, and she has been trending. Whenever Faith shared a picture or video, she would be putting on top labels.

Faith Nketsi

Faith Nketsi has been making many headlines in the past few weeks. Many fans were shocked when she announced that she was divorcing her husband, Nzuzo Njilo. Read More