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Faith Nketsi back with the bars – VIDEO

Faith Nketsi who first made it to Mzansi’s attention as Queen Twerk has been called many names but one thing you can never take away from her is her hustle and ability to make money out of literally anything. She began her entertainment industry career as a club dancer, morphed into modeling and profession escorting, and then thrived when social media influencing became a lucrative source of income in South Africa. She is trending all over Twitter today, solely because she has added the rapper title to her repertoire.

In a recent TikTok video circulating all over Twitter, Faith Nketsi is seen in a car wearing a cropped baby blue Adidas set and rapping her lungs out but fans do not seem to be impressed with Queen Twerk’s rap skills.

In the video she freestyles to a Hip Hop beat, “I’m a 10 out of 10, your b*tch is a 6 she cannot maintain me, I’m popping, I need an advance.” The social media darling continues, “I’m always declining them deals, I only want bills, I’m getting them bags and I don’t care what they are talking about cause I don’t understand… why you hating on me?”

In true rap culture, flexing about one’s riches and success becomes a norm and Faith certainly didn’t miss the memo. She continued rapping, “Cash on the sheets, count it up, toss it up, rack it up…” In the freestyle she also made claims that she has more figures and is rich like “Jigga”, adding, she is young and amazing, and then closed off by warning fellow females to keep their boyfriends tied up as she might “snatch” them.

This evoked so many reactions on the timeline with followers and other users sharing memes and criticism against Faith’s favor. Although a few were supportive and seemed to be living for her rap, with one going as far as comparing her skills to that of Nicki Minaj, many didn’t seem to agree.

This started in a troll act clearly aimed at Faith Nketsi, where Twitter user Marcus Jnr (@dumisane__) tweeted his top 10 worst rappers list and included Faith Nketsi twice in the list, proving that this was not just a genuine rapper’s review but a jab at the social media star. Other popular rappers who made it on this list include Nomuzi Mabena, popular by her stage name Moozlie, Boitumelo Boity Thulo, Stilo Magolide, Ifani, and YouTube rapper, Ghost Hlubi who recently released a failed diss track against local rappers.

One Social Media user also compared Faith Nketsi to Muvhango’s Maumela Mahua who plays the role of Susan’s viral rap video claiming that she is Nketsi’s tight competition and certainly better than her. In another tweet that garnered great reshares, a user claims that Maumela’s rap video has “changed the music scene forever.”

And expectedly, some users started objectifying Faith’s body rather than focusing on the video, with many saying that the surgeon who worked on her alleged surgery is a true professional and that Faith should much rather focus on being hot than a rapper.

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