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Pearl Thusi shares brilliant facial mist tips

Pearl Thusi

We love a good old scroll through the ‘gram and while doing so recently we stumbled upon an Instagram story by Pearl Thusi where she spilt the tea on facial mists.

The actress and MAC Cosmetics ambassador served glowing, make-up-free skin, fresh cornrow braids and all the enthusiasm you could ask for when talking about facial mists — frankly, we’re obsessed with them too.

Pearl Thusi

Here are some of the practical facial misting tips we picked up from the celeb:

We couldn’t help but be mesmerised as Thusi generously misted her face and décolletage before heading out for a run in the Instagram story she shared.

Pearl Thusi

It’s a seemingly odd practice since you’re bound to get all sweaty anyway, but applying a facial mist not only really helps to hydrate your skin, it has an instant cooling effect too. Imagine a cool breeze hitting freshly misted skin while running outdoors — did someone say personal air-conditioning?

Thusi confessed to having all the MAC Prep + Prime Fix + facial mists in her arsenal and while you may think that is extravagant, it’s all for good reason. Just as you have multiple primers, moisturisers or even cleansers, facial mists can be a really handy tool for giving your skin a quick burst of active ingredients on the go.

She uses the MAC MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Mattemist when she want to “mattify and hydrate” her skin before or after applying make-up.

Pearl Thusi

The MAC Prep + Prime Fix + Goldlite, which is a hydrating, golden-flecked formula, seemed to be her one of her favourites as it was near empty and she confessed to having included it in the make-up collections that she collaborated with MAC on. The illuminating finish of this mist is great for when you want an added glow after applying make-up or just to finish-off make-up-free skin.

Having mentioned that she had a tiny bit of post-inflammatory pigmentation, Thusi used a vitamin C infused facial mist to give her skin an instant dose of this active ingredient to help brighten and hydrate it.

Vitamin C is a great for combating pigmentation as it inhibits the melanin-producing enzyme in the skin from making excess melanin that causes dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Make sure to always apply sunscreen to your skin before being active outdoors, or exposure to sun or blue light (such as that emitted by computer monitors and other digital devices) as this will prevent UV rays from aggravating dark spots and making them more prominent.

As we transition from winter into summer, it’s important to monitor your skin for any flare ups or sensitivity as it acclimatises to the new warmer temperatures.

Hydrating products should be an integral part of your skincare routine as they prevent dehydration and dryness. Stock up on hydrating facial mists that contain hyaluronic acid and use these to give your skin a quick dose of moisture before skincare, after make-up or to hydrate throughout the day.

“Please make sure to hydrate, spring/summer is here. You need to make sure that your skin is hydrated, luscious and beautiful. You need to make sure that you are moisturised and make sure that you stay hydrated even by drinking water,” advises Thusi.

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