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Eyewitness explains the dramatic account of Fourways shooting


Eyewitness explains the dramatic account of Fourways shooting. He got out, shot her twice and drove off – eyewitness’s dramatic account of Fourways shooting. He said the alleged shooter, aged 54, had been driving a white Range Rover from the direction of Cedar Lakes Estate when he suddenly parked his vehicle at a traffic circle, got out and shot the woman in the face twice while she was in her car.

An eyewitness has given News24 a dramatic account of the shooting outside Life Fourways Hospital in Johannesburg on Tuesday morning in which a woman was shot twice. He apparently killed himself. The woman is believed to have been his partner.

“For some reason, he got out at the circle and walked out to her car, shot her twice, got back into his car and went around the circle and drove back out again,” the witness, who wanted to remain anonymous, said.

He added that hospital staff rushed to the scene as well as people who had been walking along the road. “I know that two other domestic workers from Cedar Lakes Estate who were walking to work also went to help her,” the Fourways resident said.

Police said that the woman was recovering in Fourways Life Hospital and, according to Captain Mavela Masondo, the man’s name cannot be revealed at this stage.

Future City Fourways (FCF) spokesperson Jean Berdou said: “What seems to have happened was that a gentleman and his girlfriend had a serious altercation. He shot her twice in the face; she’s in critical condition and is receiving advanced medical attention.

“The person who did this then sped away in his motor vehicle and was cornered down Witkoppen Road in Fourways by the JMPD (Johannesburg Metro Police Department) and he then chose to take his own life by shooting himself.”

Shortly after paramedics responded to the scene, they were told that a car was parked on Witkoppen Road, near Main Road, in Fourways, ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring added. “On arrival at 08:15, paramedics found that a man, believed to be in his 60s, had sustained a gunshot wound to his head and showed no signs of life, ” Meiring said.

He said nothing could be done for him and he was declared dead on the scene.