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Exam-Labs Guide on How to Improve Your Career Path with Microsoft 70-778 Exam Using Practice Tests

Microsoft 70-778

Like many IT professionals and students, you may be looking for the detailed information about the Microsoft 70-778 exam in order to find out what it is, its format, the skills it measures, and so on. Well, you came to the right place. This article focuses on this certification test and provides in-depth information about it.

There are so many companies that are using Power BI to analyze data. If your organization is one of them or if you intend to look for a position in such a company, the certification path you should follow is MCSA: BI Reporting. This Microsoft credential comes with two exams were Microsoft 70-778 if the first one, and the second test covered in this certification track is Microsoft 70-779.

The Exam-Labs Questions 70-778 exam is intended for those individuals who, first of all, want to follow the MCSA path. MCSA represents an IT expert who is tasked with manipulating data in an organization’s environment. These specialists are typically expected to have the skills needed to handle data analysis and transformation. The candidates for this test may include BI experts, data analysts, and other roles responsible for using Power BI to create reports. The individuals considering this certification exam should also have an in-depth understanding of how to effectively use it to accomplish data analysis. The students are also expected to have knowledge of the connection to data sources along with skills in using data transformations and dashboard configuration. They are also supposed to be skilful in implementing data analysis in Microsoft Excel and perform the direct connectivity implementation to Microsoft SQL Azure and SQL Server Analysis Services.

Before registering for the Microsoft 70-778 exam, the learners are supposed to ensure that they have the capacity to effectively use Power BI and Excel to design, deploy, and develop solutions using Power Map, Power Query, and Power Pivot. This is because these are most likely to be attempted in the test.

What is Microsoft 70-778?

To begin with, this is an exam that you must clear if you are considering obtaining the MCSE: Data Management and Analytics certificate in the future. And, of course, it is a required test for earning the MCSA: BI Reporting credential, which is the previous step of the mentioned expert-level certification.

As for the exam structure, it consists of about 40-60 questions. They can be of different types and formats, such as multiple-choice, best answer, drag and drop, review screen, hot area, case study, and build list. The Microsoft 70-778 test takes about 2 hours to complete, and the passing score should be 700 points out of the highest possible 1000 points. The higher the score, the better. The candidates for this exam are required to schedule it by registering with Pearson VUE, as Microsoft offers all its tests through this platform.

Microsoft 70-778 can be taken at a registered exam location or online. An online proctored test delivery lets you take the exam at your office or even at home while being monitored by a proctor via a microphone and a webcam. There are video tutorials on the Exam-Labs site for those who would like to opt for an online proctored test. These videos are meant to give the learners a better perception of what they should expect before they register for this certification exam. To register for it, you are required to pay $165 if you are in the United States. The cost may vary from country to country due to different taxation policies.

What topics to study?

The Microsoft 70-778 exam is focused majorly on three main topic areas:

  1. Usage of Power BI desktop to consume and transform data. In this subject matter, the learners are tested if they have the skills and knowledge of connecting to data sources, cleansing data, or performing transformations.
  2. Data modelling and visualizing. This exam objective covers a range of skills, including the knowledge of performing tasks, such as create and optimize data models, create calculated measures, tables, and columns, and create the hierarchy.
  3. Configuration of dashboards, reports, and apps. The questions under this topic measure the candidate’s knowledge of accessing on-premises data, configuring a dashboard, embedding and publishing reports, configuring security dashboards, apps, and reports, and configuring apps and apps workspaces.

How to pass Microsoft 70-778?

Knowing that adding Microsoft 70-778 to your resume and becoming an MCSA specialist will be very beneficial to your personal and career development, how then do you ensure that you are clearing your exam at your first attempt? First, you should have detailed information about this test. The good thing is that it has already been taken care of in this article. Having the exam details at your disposal helps you know what topics you are expected to cover. And it also helps you have a clear idea of how the real test will look like.

The second step is to enrol with Microsoft so that you can gain access to the official study materials that the company provides to the applicants on its website. Microsoft also offers practice tests that the candidates can take after using the training resources to gauge their understanding of the material.

There are also additional preparation tools for Exam-Labs. The platform provides you with video tutorials, verified notes, practice questions, braindumps, and other study materials that can help you have a better understanding of each above-highlighted objectives. Use these resources to complement what you have already gathered from the Microsoft website.

Final thoughts

With the information provided in this article, we bet you now have a high-level idea about what the Microsoft 70-778 exam is and what its objectives are. Now, you can go ahead and start studying for it so that you can earn your MCSA certification. Only forward!