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Eskom not being honest about load-shedding – Energy expert


Energy analyst Ted Blom believes Eskom is not being honest with South Africans about load-shedding.

He says the power utility implemented Stage 6 load-shedding on Thursday as the grid shed nearly 6,000 megawatts of power.

“They had declared load-shedding Stage 4 on Wednesday and Thursday night, however, when I got the statistics after the peak hour I saw that they had dumped about 5,300MW of power.

“So that’s Stage 6, it’s up to 6,000MW, is level 6 because it is more than 5,000,” said Blom.  The utility is denying allegations that it’s not being honest about load-shedding.


Eskom spokesperson Sikonathi Mantshantsha says Blom doesn’t understand Eskom statistics.

“Ted Blom got this from the statistics that Eskom publishes every evening, that I personally tweet, we just put all of that in one line in addition to the 4,000MW of stage 4 load-shedding, we add this load curtailment.

“Which let me repeat again, according to the rules Nersa provided, it is called curtailment,” said Mantshantsha.

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