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Enhle Mbali has something to say about those divorce rumours

Enhle Mbali

In recent weeks, the Maphumulos have been engulfed in dark waters, whereby drops of infidelity rumours from DJ Black Coffee’s end have been widely speculated in the public.

Yesterday, ZAlebs reported that Enhle Mbali has allegedly filed for divorce after years of being married to Black Coffee. Reasons for finally deciding to untie the marriage knot remain unknown however, according to City Press, issues of infidelity and bad treatment from Black Coffees family towards Enhle, allegedly led to the break down of the marriage.

Enhle Mbali

Upon reading most of the articles that were published during the weekend and yesterday, Enhle has stepped forward to clarify a few things regarding the divorce rumours that have since been swirling around. Channel24 established that Enhle Mbali’s PR team, Capacity Relations released the following statement on her behalf:

Enhle Mbali Maphumulo

“We have no comment on this. We have however noticed some irresponsible articles being published on the issue.”

Though the statement does not reveal much about Enhle’s true stance on the matter, one could be of the view that the news broke prematurely, regarding the state of their marriage, since they haven’t made the information public.

DJ Black Coffee did his share of “damage control” when he rubbished any cheating from his end on Twitter. He stated that Cathy was nothing more than a business partner and found the rumours about him cheating quite disturbing hence there are children involved.

Enhle Mbali

The internationally acclaimed and revered DJ and music producer, was spotted in a compromising situation with a lady known as Cathy Guetta (David Guetta’s ex wife). The Internet was flooded with a barrage of pictures and videos from suspicious moments shared between these two.

The details surrounding the real state of the Maphumulos are sketchy at the moment. The public is waiting on bated breath to hear what could be the next step.

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Source: Zalebs