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Emtee’s teeth reportedly messed up


The Roll Up rapper told Slikour recently that his pearly whites were becoming more like pearly ruins and hommie is suffering.

We’ve often seen Emtee hanging around with his double cup, but the rapper just revealed that his love for the ‘drank’ is ruining his teeth and forcing him to get new ones.


“The drank is messing up my teeth. They are decaying and stuff like that. I am suffering but it ain’t a (big) thing.” He said the solution was to do like Cardi B and get a fresh pair while stunting on his haters.

“I am just going to the dentist and get brand new teeth. Be like Cardi B, fix my teeth and make sure they know it ain’t cheap.” With his new mouth gear, he’s plotting to hit Hollywood and thinks TV host Ryan Seacrest is the man to get him in.

The rapper has been labelled an addict by some on social media, but he had the Twitter streets confused in February when he told his fans that he doesn’t do drugs or drink alcohol.

Instead, he said that making music was his addiction. But then dude is always seen with his cup like…


Source: Times Lives