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Elliot dies again, this time NO RESURRECTION from Pastor Lukau

Brighton “Elliot” Moyo

Brighton “Elliot” Moyo, the Zimbabwean man who rose to fame for allegedly being resurrected by South Africa based Pastor Alph Lukau has died “again” and this time for GOOD!

Reliable sources say Elliot died last week in his village called St Luke’s. He was buried on Saturday. He is survived by his wife and had no children.

“His stomach started swelling and didn’t stop for three days and on the third day he died,” said a close family member.

When he came to Alleluia Ministries International there were reports that he was HIV positive and he had kidney failure and he also had TB (tuberculosis).

H-Metro contacted an official close to Pastor Lukau to find out if he will perform another ‘resurrection’ but the church official stressed that what happened at AMI was NOT a resurrection because Elliot was already alive when he was brought before Pastor Lukau.

He went on to give a lengthy explanation about what really happened on the day, stressing that all that he was saying has video evidence as the so-called “resurrection” was recorded.

“It was not a resurrection. They (Elliot’s family) were close followers of our church but they are not members. So when Elliot died, they heard movements in the coffin and brought the hearse to Pastor Alph.

“Then Pastor Alph was called downstairs it was because Elliot’s family had said they felt movements in the coffin and decided to bring the hearse to him.

“When they got to the church they spoke to one of the guys who normally attends to people who come to church sick. There is normally many who come bed-ridden and some in ambulances or on wheel chairs and they receive instant healing. Those are some of the miracles that happen at AMI.

“So the same happened with the hearse. When the guys saw the coffin they asked what was happening and were told that the family felt movements in the coffin and they believed that there was something happening in that coffin.

“So as you can see on the video, a lady ran into the building panting, to call Pastor Alph. From the way she was breathing and talking, you can tell she was shocked. So they told Pastor Alph there is a coffin outside and the person inside was moving.

“Pastor Alph went outside and he opened the coffin and when he did so, immediately – and when you watch the video you will also see this – he said, “He is breathing. And then he said to the church let us pray for strength into the man’s body not for resurrecting him. He did not say we are resurrecting him, no – what I’m telling you is exactly what is on the video.

“He then called him and said, “Elliot, Elliot, come out” something that anyone who would have been told that there is movement in a coffin would do.

“So it was not a resurrection. God just wanted us to come and celebrate what had already happened and he just used AMI to celebrate what was done already. Then he went into the church and people celebrated.”

There were claims that Elliot had a phone when he was resurrected and the official responded to the claims.

“That thing was not a phone. It was a clothing label that was inside his pocket.”

The official said they went after media organisations that wrote falsehoods over the alleged resurrection and they have retracted their stories.

“About four or five newspapers retracted their stories that had lies about that incident. This included the Citizen, and Daily Sun, two of the biggest newspapers in South Africa. We challenged them to tell the truth through our lawyers and they retracted and we will do the same for AMI’s reputation. The media should write the truth and we will have no problem with that.

“Even Elliot’s boss went on TV and said reckless statements saying Elliot never died and never resurrected but he retracted them when we approached him with our lawyers and told the truth. He said Elliot had been reported sick and they were preparing to help him from work when they heard that he had died. Social media was worse. It also attacked AMI, but the video is there to clear everything.”

Source: H Metro

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