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EFF leader Julius Malema fears elections won’t be fair, calls for postponement

EFF leader Julius Malema

EFF leader Julius Malema said for free and fair elections to take place, political parties should be able to campaign freely and interact with voters. He said none of these activities, which were crucial in an election year, have taken place this year. The party believes because of the conditions created by the pandemic, free, fair and safe elections will not be possible this year.

Malema said on Tuesday that the party had written to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to convene a meeting with all political parties so the issue of postponement can be discussed.

The party is not the only party calling for a postponement. The UDM has also proposed the issue. Some parties have called for the national and provincial elections, scheduled for 2024, to be synchronised with the 2021 local government elections.

Julius Malema

Malema said if this is not possible, then discussions have to revolve around a postponement. We must postpone because we have not done anything this year. We will not have contact with voters, we cannot say the elections were free and fair. How do you do that under these conditions?,“ he said.

Malema said the EFF was not afraid to take on the ANC, but his main concern was around fairness and safety.

Besides the party’s calls for a postponement of this year’s elections, Malema said the EFF’s ground forces should be ready to contest. He said no EFF councillor was guaranteed a councillor position and that anyone within the structures can stand for election.
Each ward will have four possible candidates, two women and two men, and those candidates will be selected by those 500 individuals from those communities. The final candidate for a ward will undergo a rigorous background check, Malema explained.

Malema also used the press conference to criticise the government over an “austerity budget” and a cut in spending. Malema said instead of cutting spending, the government should be channelling more funds into critical areas such as manufacturing to drive job creation. The EFF has also bemoaned the state of various municipalities around the country, saying many were largely underfunded.

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