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Amnesty International: Unequal education system risks snuffing out SA youth’s potential

Amnesty International South Africa said the government failed to honour its promise to provide basic education to the country’s youth, despite the lives being lost over quality education in 1976.

The country observed the 47th anniversary of the Soweto Uprising on Friday.

The organization said the government needed to ensure that every child, regardless of their background, was given quality basic education.

“The government needs a wake-up call. The education system remains unequal and broken, risking snuffing out the potential of children across the country,” said Amnesty International’s Rejoyce Makhetha.

A non-profit leadership organization for high school learners, the Johannesburg Junior Council (JCC), shared similar sentiments, arguing that schools in the township were neglected.

“Schools, for example in Soweto, are still suffering from harsh conditions and we don’t want socio-economic factors or even racial identities to hinder the chances of getting a basic education or an equal education. So, we are trying to make sure that, at base level, everyone gets free equal education,” said spokesperson Linda Nkosi.


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