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Durban businessman calls President Ramaphosa a ‘k**fir’: Video

Kessie Nair

In yet another truly bizarre video that emerged on Wednesday, Durban businessman Kessie Nair can be seen proudly calling President Cyril Ramaphosa the k-word.

Kessie Nair has said on Facebook he’s willing to go to jail, while the immediate response has been disbelief and questions about his sanity.

“I want to state quite candidly and straightforwardly that I, Kessie Nair, the CEO, founder and creator of Nafcare, the National Association towards Violence Crime and Abuse, do hereby call for that k**fir state president Cyril Ramaphosa – and yes I mean k**fir – to be charged for defrauding the nation … for oppressing this nation … for high treason … for failing … for being soft on all the crime, poverty, violence that prevails in this so-called democracy.”

Kessie Nair

Nair said Ramaphosa was mocking Mandela’s legacy and that he was prepared to go to prison for his views, or to even be shot.

Nair argued the country was being divided by the ruling party so that it could be ruled cynically as a result. Ironically, he denounced racism and racist labels, despite using a particularly objectionable racist label himself.

President Cyril Ramaphosa


Watch the video below:

The video comes in the wake of Adam Catzavelos and his family suffering huge fallout for a video in which Catzavelos celebrated the lack of “k**firs” on a beach in Greece.

Some on Twitter have questioned Nair’s sanity.

Source: The Citizen


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