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Dumi Mkokstad shakes off wedding backlash: She isn’t worried about those things

Dumi Mkokstad is happily married and won’t let the hate from some on social media disturb that newlywed glow. Dumi surprised many earlier this month when he tied the knot to his bae Dr Ziphozenkosi ‘Zee’ Mthembu.

As breathtaking pictures of their ceremony circulated online, the pair became the talk of social media, with some criticising the gospel star and claimed his new bride had come out of nowhere.

Dumi Mkokstad

But speaking to Move recently, Dumi defended the relationship, explaining that the couple had been dating for eight months before getting married and had chosen to keep their romance private to protect her privacy.

Dumi Mkokstad

He also said that he was not worried about what was being said about him online because his missus knew him best.

“I also wanted to protect her from all the attention I’ve been getting. You know the bad things that have been written about me and she knows them. She knows me best and is not worried about those things.”

Dumi Mkokstad

Taking to social media amidst the backlash, Dumi said he had committed his life to Zee because she accepted his love and didn’t care what was being said about him

“She accepted my love and cared not about everything that was said because she knows and trusts the God in me. What a woman,” he wrote.

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