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Dudu Myeni given another chance to appear in court

Dudu Myeni

The application to have former South African Airways board chairperson Dudu Myeni declared a delinquent director was postponed until Thursday, to allow her one last opportunity to appoint legal representatives to oppose the matter.

On Monday, Myeni told the legal team representing the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa), which brought the application, that she could not afford to travel to Pretoria to appear in court. On Tuesday her former counsel, who withdrew several months ago because he had not been paid, made submissions on her behalf.

Advocate Daniel Mantsha told the court he was not representing Myeni but was merely present as a courtesy to the court to explain her predicament.He said that Myeni consulted with an advocate, who was willing to represent her for free, to apply to the court for a postponement.

Dudu Myeni

Outa agreed to postpone the matter until Thursday to allow the advocate time to prepare but also asked the court if it could make representations related to the ongoing delays in proceedings.

It emerged that an SAA liability claim which Myeni could rely on to fund her legal team was only lodged on Friday. Outa said it also wanted Myeni to address the claim that she had no money to travel to Pretoria after the organisation established that she was a director of 13 companies.

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