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DStv billing problems – Incorrect debit orders deducted

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Multiple DStv subscribers have reported issues with their monthly bills, contacting MyBroadband and taking to social media to voice their frustration. A DStv subscriber who contacted MyBroadband stated that his debit order for his monthly subscription is meant to be R939.

Last month, however, he was billed R2,607. He said he contacted MultiChoice about the incorrect deduction, who promised to address the issue and refund him. However, his latest bill was R1,748 for the month – which was again too high.


The reader then mailed MyBroadband to share his story, and stated that he has not received a resolution from MultiChoice.


Online complaints
Many users have also complained online about the DStv billing issues, and expressed anger at the matter not being resolved.

Hellopeter, Twitter, and Facebook host scores of complaints – examples of which are below.


Although my package type hasn’t changed for 20 years, suddenly my amount due is four times the normal debit order amount. I called the call centre and an agent advised it would be resolved, and guess what it has not. Now when I speak with a supervisor suddenly I have multiple accounts and it will be escalated again.

Another complaint stated:

I’m not getting any proper explanation as to how they got to that amount in that space of time.

MultiChoice fixing issue
MultiChoice told MyBroadband it recently consolidated all services on a customer’s account for easier billing.

“Customers now also have the flexibility of being able to add services or upgrade their package during the month, and only pay for those changes on their next payment date,” it said. We are continuously working on sorting out any customer issues, including billing. We apologise to all customers inconvenienced and vow to speedily resolve any problems they are experiencing. It must be noted that most of the billing problems have been resolved successfully,” said MultiChoice.

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