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Big Zulu puts AKA into place: Don’t ever diss me like Cassper Nyovest

Big Zulu let AKA know that he would never get away talking to him like he did to Cassper – AKA has been on a dissing spree and Big Zulu is not about that life – Taking to social media, he made it clear that if AKA or anyone else ever dissed his fam he would end them.

Big Zulu

Big Zulu decided to give AKA a little taste of his own medicine – he told him to never talk to him the way he did to Cassper. AKA has not been everyone’s cup of tea lately. He has been throwing shade around like he’s an umbrella!


AKA is all about the beef life and evidently thrives off of drama. The things he has said about poor Cassper in the past couple of weeks were not okay. Although Big Zulu and AKA had no pre-existing beef that we know of, he had no chill when it came to putting him back into place.

Big Zulu
Adopting AKA’s parent dissing behaviour, Big Zulu warned AKA and others that if anyone dissed him or his family he would not hold back. The post has since been deleted. “Abothuka mina ngomama nobaba bese ebeka iDate nendawo ubone ukuth ngeke ngimlume yin.” “(Those who will insult me with my parents must set a date and place and see if I won’t bite.”)

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