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#SkeemSaam: DNA is needed, Pretty suffers amnesia

The chickens have come home to roost for Pretty Seakamela, whose life has been turned upside down on Skeem Saam.

Following her constant vomiting and sudden weight gain, the youngster has found out she’s pregnant.

It will be interesting to see how her mum MaNtuli, who is wheelchair-bound, will react to her daughter being pregnant by a man she despises.

Things are heating up on the drama series, Lingashoni.

It’s great to see that Njabulo Cele has found love in the arms of Phakade. But it would have been better if they showed his queer side more.

The storyline of being queer in hiding has been explored too often. We live in a country that has legalised same-s.e.x relationships.

So showing queer relationships in the closet is not a good representation of where we are.

On The River, things get exciting by the day, with the storyline around Cobra solidifying how society overlooks certain things.

In this case, the minister he’s secretly is using him for s.e.xual favours to give him tenders.

Something similar happened to Beauty when she had to sleep with someone to win a competition. This resulted in an uproar that she was taken advantage of.

Ironically, nothing is being said in Cobra’s case.


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