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DJ Zinhle on hate and being dragged into beef

DJ Zinhle has been in the industry long enough to have learnt a few tricks to deal with haters, most of all to not let them get you in the feels.

Zinhle has a strong army of supporters and fans but has occasionally found herself on the Twitter trends lists as some weigh in on her personal life. There seems to be no shortage of people trying to give her advice on how to live her life.

DJ Zinhle

And while the hate may have got to her in the past, she told Metro FM’s DJ Fresh this week that she has learnt to not listen to those who really don’t know anything about her.
“I think over time you start realising how stupid it is to believe people you have never met, people who don’t know who you are. The other time I just realised this is so dumb. How do I believe people, believe people that don’t know anything about me. They have such strong opinions, which is fine, but how do I, as a strong, grown woman, get involved in this? It has nothing to do with me.”
Zinhle said that it is really important to stay in your own lane and believe in your own vibe.

DJ Zinhle

Her relationship with AKA has sometimes seen her dragged into the ongoing feud between the rapper and his rival, Cassper Nyovest.

Zinhle said she found it crazy that fans were fighting over people who weren’t even there.

‘They will say the craziest things, the most hurtful things, and we aren’t even involved. I just feel like there is just too much investment in just making other people feel bad so that you can elevate whatever you believe in. Just believe in yourself without killing what other people believe in.”

DJ Zinhle

Speaking to TshisaLIVE last year she said she was not worried about public opinion of her relationship with AKA.

“I’m really not concerned about public opinions. I feel like I am in an industry where my work and his (AKA’s) work speak for themselves. But it is really how much you let people into your personal space and how you let it affect you. I have learnt to really not let it affect me.

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