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DJ Zinhle has a lot of explaining to do these days

DJ Zinhle and Kairo

DJ Zinhle‘s daughter, Kairo Forbes, is getting increasingly good at negotiating things with her mommy, which means Zinhle has to up her game to get her way these days. She shared her journey with fans. Kairo is four years old and it appears the bigger that number gets, the more explaining mommy has to do whenever she has to leave.

DJ Zinhle

While it looks like it’s truly back to co-parenting for Zinhle and her baby daddy, AKA, the DJ has been trying to adapt her parenting skills to her intelligent daughter.

DJ Zinhle and Kairo

“Negotiating things with my child is becoming more difficult the more she grows. Going to work has never been this hard. She is not hearing it these days,” Zinhle said.
Being a world-renowned DJ and a successful entrepreneur means Zinhle isn’t always home. But she said Kairo’s independence was one of her most impressive traits.

She told The MVP Club previously: “I’m so blessed, she’s so amazing. She’s very independent, super-kind, very affectionate, very decisive, more decisive than me. I don’t know where she gets it. I’m a new parent so I don’t know if we taught her that or whether she came like that if there’s a pre-packaged that you get. She’s super-independent and I think independence comes from how Kiernan and I are just always on the road and always at work. We totally understand how it would be hard for her to leave Kairo … Have you seen how totes cute she is!?


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Senzo Meyiwa

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Source: Timeslive


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