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DJ Speedsta in trouble for dissing amapiano DJs

DJ Speedsta

Award-winning hip hop star DJ Speedsta ruffled feathers this past weekend when he fired shots at amapiano DJs. Taking to Twitter, Speedsta fired shots at amapiano DJs, saying that all they did was play the same song. Piano DJs all play the same songs. John wick 4 times a night,” he tweeted.

DJ Speedsta

This tweet did not sit well with social media users who hit back at Speedsta, saying hip hop DJs did the same. Some even went on to attack him personally by taking aim at his career.

DJ Speedsta

Speedsta agreed with a tweep who said that DJs in urban areas played the same music all the time while those in townships were “lethal

When a tweep replied to the DJ, saying that all hip hop DJs did was play songs by Cassper Nyovest, Speedsta responded.

“A few years ago, yes. Not so much now. There’s only one main hip hop set at a party now so no need to repeat songs.

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