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DJ Sox opens up about picking up his life after drug addiction

DJ Sox was candid about his struggles with drug addiction, his road to recovery, and how he rebuilt his life after rehab. Born Mbusi Sokhela, the DJ started using drugs after the death of a friend when his acquaintances decided to partake in his honor, but that moment spiraled into seven years stuck in addiction.

During his sit down on The Hustlers Corner, DJ Sox reflected on his journey and spoke about taking ecstasy and later cocaine. He also spoke about what made him decide to get clean and turn his life around.

“I started losing everything and I started losing friends. I said I didn’t like the space. I tried to convince myself I could do it because big boys overseas were doing it and hustling, so I should try to balance, but I couldn’t balance. So I told myself I needed to quit,” he said.

DJ Sox said he saved money to take himself to a rehabilitation center after losing important relationships, properties, and cars.

“I had spoken to myself while inside that things are done and that I should stop this thing. I need to start afresh, clean myself up, and sort out my issues with my family, and issues with my close friends. I needed to set my priorities. Unfortunately, I put DJ Sox at the end, I first had to deal with Mbusiso Sokhela. Then, when I was stable, I said it was time for DJ Sox.”

Previously speaking to Sowetan DJ Sox linked his battle with drug addiction to money and fame.

“When you are in music, and you have fame and money, you get caught up in the moment and I think that is what happened to me.”

He shared his story at the Gqom conference in Durban where he cautioned young people about substance abuse.

“As the people who are in the forefront of the music industry, which is produced by guys who are much younger than us, we need to give them the direction we never got.”

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