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DJ Sbu praised for giving Suicidal man a Job

DJ Sbu has ended the week with what can literally be described as a life-saving gesture after he offered employment to a man in desperate need of work

With unemployment and retrenchment giving people a reason to be pessimistic, DJ Sbu has given us hope by offering one opportunity at a time.

His recent streak of generosity began last week when he offered a platform for entrepreneurs to promote their business on his social media at absolutely no charge, and now he has ended the week with one of the most heartwarming gestures we have seen this week.

DJ Sbu earned all of the brownie points in Mzansi when he bailed out a middle-aged jobseeker who appeared to be on the edge of depression.

DJ Sbu

It all took place on Twitter when a man by the name of Jackie Mkeeze replied to the viral “O jewa ke eng” tweet with the heartbreaking story of his crippling unemployment.

He wrote, “You guys don’t understand depression. Being 40 year old, doing honours Degree, with 3 kids not employed for more than a year, in fact never had proper job. Having nothing to eat and kids and their mother look at you to provide, all you end up thinking about is death=peace”

His desperation was evident in his tweets. He followed up the confession with several more tweets which suggested that his self-esteem was at an all-time low. Jackie raised alarm bells by seeming to appear suicidal in his tweets:

An intervention was necessary and DJ Sbu stepped in at the crucial moment by offering Jackie an outlet.

The Mofaya founder offered the desperate job seeker an opportunity to join his street teams who regularly “hustle” their products in peak traffic:

To his credit, Jackie did not waste time in answering DJ Sbu’s call:

By simply offering employment, DJ Sbu might have actually saved a life and indeed an entire household! We look forward to following Jackie and DJ Sbu’s progress in the coming weeks.

DJ Sbu

What do you think can be done to fight unemployment in South Africa?

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