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Dj Sbu claps back after African Hip-Hop ambassador criticism

dj sbu

The Massive Metro founder was dragged online for declaring himself as an ambassador for Africa with many taking him to task for claiming a title we never gave him. The chatter rumbled on for nearly two days as many accused the DJ of “Hijacking” Nipsey Hussle’s death for his own gain.

DJ Sbu

South African radio star, DJ Sbu has hit back at criticism surrounding his comments at the memorial of late rapper, Nipsey Hussle. DJ Sbu, who is currently in Los Angeles, made a strong effort to represent his continent at the moving service for the slain rapper and activist but the continent replied with a polite “thanks, but no thanks”.

The backlash was sparked by this Video:

A more humble man might have taken a step back and apologised for the rather lofty title he imposed upon himself and explained what he was trying to say. But not DJ Sbu.

Instead, DJ Sbu (Who is definitely not dating Thuso Mbedu by the way!)
leaned into the whole “Representing” thing when he explained to his followers that the title was bestowed upon him… by him. When asked who appointed him as Africa’s ambassador, Mr Mofaya said:

“(I appointed) myself. The day you start travelling to other continents only then you will understand that as soon as you leave your country or continent of origin, automatically you represent where you’re from.”

He also added:


While many people agreed with the DJ, several others felt as if he decided to make Nipsey Hussle’s death more about him than about the musician from Crenshaw.

Source: Zalebs

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