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DJ Maphorisa withdraws from AfroPiano Fest

DJ Maphorisa not performing at AfroPiano fest. DJ Maphorisa says he will not be attending AfroPiano Festival 2023. The organisers revealed the lineup for the fest and it included Phori, Focalistic, and some other African artists.The music producer took to his social media platforms to announce his withdrawal from the show.

DJ Maphorisa

Phori says his artists will not also be performing at the fest; he says the organisers are disrespectful by including his name.

DJ Maphorisa

I’m not performing will be in Malawi  @afropianofest Totally disrespectful especially a promoter coming from outside the country n trying to make money with us,” Lawd Phori wrote.

All my artists are not attending this event @niapearlza @tylericu. Hope they paid @focalistic,” he added.

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Faith Nketsi

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