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DJ Fresh claims he is not an SA citizen

DJ Fresh

The new season of the hit BET Africa’s Behind the Story kicked off with a bang this week
Radio personality DJ Fresh sat down with Pearl Thusi to reveal all, following several months of drama.

The 947 presenter talked candidly about his dramatic exit from Metro FM, and bullying in the entertainment industry. While many expected the DJ to address the s-ex-ual harassment complaints made against him on social media, the episode was recorded before all the drama.

DJ Fresh

Fresh has already addressed the allegations, calling them “false and without base”, but Twitter users were hoping to get more details on the show.

Sexual abuse claims aside, Fresh had enough drama to talk about. Here’s a look at some of the highlights from his interview with Pearl Thusi.

DJ Fresh

Metro FM drama
DJ Fresh opened up about his controversial Metro FM suspension. He was pulled off the air in June after a listener complained that he used foul language on air. Fresh allegedly said “msunery“, a form of a Zulu swear word that means ‘a***h**e’.

Following weeks of being MIA from his popular Fresh Breakfast Show, the SABC announced that it had terminated its contract with him.

Fresh told Pearl he thought the whole situation was badly handled. “Metro did not live up to my expectation, my principles did not allow for me to be bullied like that,” he told Pearl.

Not a South African citizen
Viewers were shocked to learn that DJ Fresh is not South African. The DJ was born in Botswana and moved to South Africa in 1994 to pursue his studies.

He had already established himself as a DJ in his home country and continued deejaying in SA. Despite having lived in Mzansi for more than two decades, Fresh revealed that he does not have South African citizenship and still uses his Botswana passport.

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