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Angry DJ Cleo strikes South Africans for not taking Covid-19 seriously

Award-winning musician DJ Cleo has spoken out against those who have ignored the government’s instructions to stay indoors during the 21-day national lockdown.

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the lockdown last week to curb the spread of COVID-19 in SA, saying that only those who were providing or receiving essential services would be allowed out of their house.

Since the lockdown came into effect at midnight last Thursday, social media has been filled with pictures and videos of people disobeying the president’s orders.

DJ Cleo

DJ Cleo told TshisaLIVE this week that he was doing his best to stay indoors but said he was sad to see so many who weren’t.

“You look at social media and there are videos of people, especially in the hood, people who are not taking this thing (COVID-19) seriously. Some of them are vocal about it.”

He said there were a number of reasons for people defying the lockdown.

“I don’t know what it is. Maybe part of it is ignorance, another part is lack of knowledge. You also have to look at the quality of education people are given and comprehension skills. How much do you understand of the message?”

DJ Cleo

While Cleo is keen to use his platform to speak to the health ministry or other experts and improve awareness about the virus, he says celebs often give in to the pressure of giving their opinions when someone more knowledgeable on the topic would be better placed to comment.

“We live in an age of fake wokeness and sort of warped freedoms of speech. I know how social media can be and I would rather let someone who is in a position to speak out, talk. I would rather sit down with experts and officials and speak as a layman.”

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DJ Tira

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Source: TshisaLive