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DJ Black Coffee & his wife Enhle Mbali are on their way to Divorce

Enhle Mbali Maphumulo and Black Coffee
DJ Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali

Mzansi power couple DJ Black Coffee and his wife Enhle Mbali Maphumulo are apparently heading for divorce – but the matter is with the couple’s lawyers.

The details of what pushed the TV actress to file for divorce are still unclear, but several sources blamed the internationally acclaimed DJ’s alleged infidelity and the two families’ interference in their marriage.

City Press tried to call the DJ, but his phone was on voicemail, as he is overseas. He did not respond to our WhatsApp messages and questions about the allegations sent to him via email.

When we called Enhle for comment, she refused to discuss any details saying: “Sorry, I have no comment.”

The divorce rumours came out last month when the renowned DJ was accused of dating French socialite Cathy Lobé, the ex-wife of international DJ superstar David Guetta. Lobé shared a video on Instagram of her and Black Coffee exchanging hugs at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Both Black Coffee and Lobé have since denied having an affair. However, those close to the couple claim it was a tough decision for Enhle to file for divorce, but she had to do it for the sake of her happiness.

“Enhle was not happy in her marriage because of Black Coffee’s alleged infidelity and the


DJ’s family mistreating her,” said a source close to the couple.

“But she has always been overprotective of her marriage, so she has not aired her dirty laundry in public. But deep inside she is hurting. This woman has been scorned.”


Another independent source told City Press that Enhle had been going through a difficult time for years. At some point she had to deal with women who were direct messaging her husband.

“Last year was the worst time of her life; she was even admitted to hospital with a breakdown. Nathi’s family treated her so badly and this has added to the stress,” said a source.

In August last year, at the inaugural In Good Company Experience Summit in Sandton, Enhle opened up telling guests about how women were sliding into her husband’s DMs (direct messages).

“A sister did me wrong. I heard comments such as, ‘she thinks she’s perfect, even Beyoncé gets cheated on’. My own sisters in the industry and out of the industry make their way to my husband’s inbox. The very same sisters that I fight for,” she told guests.

Two separate sources told City Press that the couple, who threw a traditional wedding in 2011, were no longer sharing their matrimonial home.

“When he is in the country, he now books himself into a guesthouse,” alleged one.

Last month the We Dance Again hitmaker quashed rumours of any affair with Lobé saying they were nothing more than business partners.

Lobé tweeted at the time: “I didn’t see @realblackcoffee since few months and I came in a private party and then surprise for Nathi Cathy was there !!! Lots of love to see us again [sic] !!!”

Before responding to his fans, Black Coffee said on Twitter it was quite sad that people on social media were so quick to confidently vilify and lynch people without a shred of evidence.

“All the lynch-mob mentality is doing is hurting people and their kids. This is not a game,” he replied.

Again, Enhle was behind her man, shutting down the cheating rumours by posting a throwback video with Lobé on Instagram and writing: “Cathy is the sweetest, sweetest… I love you.”

But the couple has now decided on a silent approach.

Enhle has deleted all Black Coffee’s pictures on her Instagram account.

This is not the first time Black Coffee has made headlines for alleged infidelity. Five years ago he was reportedly having an affair with a model who later allegedly tried to extort money from him.

He has since taken accountability for his actions.

In August last year he admitted on the Fresh Breakfast Show on Metro FM that when he suddenly found fame and attention, it became overwhelming.

“A man, being a man, will always be a man. But now when you add the attention from the opposite sex, it can be blinding. It is something you will never be immune to as a person,” he said.

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Source: City Press



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