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Trouble in paradise? – Gugu Khathi speaks out as claims she’s divorcing DJ Tira flood social media

Reality TV star and businesswoman, Gugu Khathi and her husband DJ Tira sparked divorce rumours recently. The couple who has been together for about 18 years had people worried that their union had reached it’s end, but Gugu clears the air.

Speaking to TshisaLive, the businesswoman clarified that they are still very much in love and they are not getting a divorce. She told the publication that people assumed there was trouble in paradise because she arrived late at the South African Music Awards (SAMAs).

“We are still fine, we are still happy. I don’t know where they’d get that from. Maybe it was because I was late for the SAMAs. There is nothing there. I don’t think we have issues that could be putting us in a situation where we’re even considering [divorce]. So, no. I don’t know what they thought they saw, but I bet it was because I was late at the SAMAs and someone spotted something,” she said as quoted by the blog.

She then added that although they live apart with one residing in Johannesburg and one in Durban, their love is still tight-knit.

“We are still very much happily in love and happily married. We’ve never stayed in the same house. I stay in Joburg, he stays in Durban and it’s always been like that. He comes to Joburg to our home where our kids are, because I work in Joburg full time … we’ve always had a home in Joburg and we’ve always had homes in Durban, so nothing has changed,” she reiterated.

Gugu was slated to join The Real Housewives Of Johannesburg (RHOJ) but trouble brewed between her and the other wives.

Gugu has always been labeled a ‘straat maat’ and this time was no different. She and her bestie Brinnette Seopela got into a brawl with ex-castmate Christall Kay.

This according to Sunday World who reported that the fight took place at a Pretoria club. The friends apparently had to change into more comfortable shoes just so they could allegedly fight Christall.

Christall claimed that Gugu punched her in the eye, giving her a black eye, even though she claims to have not confronted her in any way.

“Gugu Khathi is the one who punched me in the eye, resulting in a black eye. She did this when I was sitting down and there was no threat to her,” Christall said. “I have evidence to prove this. She is scared over what she has done and is trying to make out a case against me. Charges are currently being laid against her.”

Gugu was shocked that her ‘bestie’ Christall outed her where there were other people fighting, “I can confirm the incident happened, but what shocks is that fact that out of all the people in the club, how can Christal choose my name, there were too many people in that club, why does she pick me, besties don’t do that to each other.”


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Gogo Maweni

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