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Dis-Chem offering to distribute COVID-19 vaccine


Dis-Chem will be offering drive-through vaccine shots when they become available in South Africa.

The company currently offers COVID-19 testing at nine drive-through sites across Gauteng, the Western Cape and Eastern Cape. Dis-Chem says it is currently engaging with government about the distribution procedure.

The health chain says it is confident it will be able to issue the vaccine efficiently based on the experience it gained from the drive-through testing stations.

Covid-19 testing

However, it will be government’s ability to procure a sustainable quantity of vaccines that will ensure that private companies like Dis-Chem can provide the service to the public.

“We will receive the vaccination from the government and obviously in a cold-chain environment,” says Dis-Chem’s national clinical manager, Lizeth Kruger.

“We have the facilities without Dis-Chems and clinics to keep the vaccines cold,” she adds. According to Kruger, the vaccines will be kept instore and vaccinations will be done in the clinics as well.

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