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Video of Dineo Ranaka fighting with her ex-boyfriend Sechaba Thole goes viral

Radio and TV presenter Dineo Ranaka threw shades at her ex-boyfriend Sechaba Thole last night in typical Dineo fashion. Her video is making rounds on social media after it was leaked by one of the people presents as Dineo and her friends were having drinks.

This year’s festive season will be one to forget for Sechaba as he was belittled by the media personality and told to his face that he was used for healing. He witnessed his ego being shredded as the eloquent Dineo belted punchlines.

“Know the difference between Dineo Ranaka and Sechaba Thole. Of course, I’m going to give you anxiety when I don’t call you because I’m too big for you”, Dineo said

She also added that her superiority over Sechaba had nothing to do with her being a celebrity or the influence she has.

Dinei went on to tell Sechaba that she never loved him but she used her to heal when she was going through a stressful divorce.

“If you got excited about my small little crash on you, I was going through a divorce and just after three months you came into my life and you think I was waiting for your calls?”

“Using his name as a trigger for me, with all you know about me. The problem is you think you know me and you know too much. I used you to heal, you use people to blow your ego,” the radio presenter said.

The Ranakas reality show star says she expects her ex-boyfriend’s soul to move when he hears her name.

Dineo went on, “Listen to yourself when you say Sechaba Thole then hear yourself when you say Dineo Ranaka. Does your soul not move. Talk about ego, I got a bigger one than yours. Keep yourself in check and keep my name out of your mouth.”

“Do you think I would fall for you after my divorce? I know what I want in life and what I stand for, and that’s why I don’t call you or text you. I’m busy. I don’t want to be called by you anymore.”

Dineo concluded his address by advising Schaba that he is not as influential as he thinks he is, “You should know the kind of people I’m exposed to. You are not God’s gift to humankind. Who do you think you are?”

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