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Petrol price drop announced for new year but diesel increases

The petrol price (95 ULP and LRP) is going down by 14 cents a litre on 1 January 2020.

However, the prices of diesel and illuminating paraffin are set to rise. Motorists will have to pay 9 cents more per litre for diesel and illuminating paraffin will increase by 5 cents per litre.

The Energy Department made the announcement on Saturday. Fuel prices are adjusted on a monthly basis. They’re informed by current international and local factors.

The department said changes to the fuel price was due to an increase in the Brent Crude oil price and that the rand appreciated, on average, against the US Dollar.

In other news – Here are Ama 2000 who are doing Things

The entertainment sector in America is filled with child stars that are steadily reaching legendary status. On this part of the world, it is believed that one’s career in the entertainment industry is best carved at an older age.

Owami Mafokate

Although the South African entertainment industry isn’t as forward-thinking and rapidly progressive as our American counterparts, we can’t be oblivious to the amazing fact that our home-brewed talent continues to paint the future in bright colours! continue reading

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