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Priyanka Chopra says India is bleeding, in a desperate plea for help

Priyanka Chopra

In a desperate plea to help her home country India, actress and humanitarian, Priyanka Chopra and her musician husband, Nick Jonas are working together with the “Give India Foundation” to set up a fundraising account.

The A-listers are urging people from around the globe to chip in to save her home country that has been hard hit by their second wave of Covid-19. The “Quantico” star took to Instagram to share two heart-wrenching videos along with deep captions, in which she talks about the current situation in India.

One caption briefly read: “#TogetherForIndia. India, my home, is suffering the world’s worst Covid crisis, and we all need to help! People are dying in record numbers.

“There is illness everywhere, and it’s only continuing to spread and kill at great speed and scale. I have set up a fundraiser with GiveIndia, the largest organisation on the ground in India, providing Covid relief.

Priyanka Chopra

“Whatever you can spare, truly makes a difference. Nearly 63 million people follow me on here, if even 100 000 of you donate $10, that’s $1 million, and that’s huge.

“Your donation will go directly to healthcare physical infrastructure (including Covid care centres, isolation centres, and oxygen generation plants), medical equipment and vaccine support and mobilisation,” she wrote. She continued to say that Nick and her already have, and will continue, to contribute to the cause.

The second video caption read: “#TogetherForIndia … Thank you all for your support and donations.

Your contributions are going to make a tangible difference in this fight against the vicious spread of Covid-19 in India. There is so much left to do and we hope that this momentum we have built will continue“.

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