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Shashi Naidoo’s house under guard after Gaza outcry death threats

Shashi Naidoo

Model and media personality Shashi Naidoo fears for her life and has hired personal security to monitor her home in the wake of major outrage surrounding comments about the unrest between Israel and Palestine over the weekend.

During a debate with a follower on Instagram, Shashi labelled Gaza a ‘sh*thole’ and seemed to be pro-Israeli. The comments went viral over the weekend and saw Shashi receive major backlash.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE the star claimed to have received several death threats in response to her comments.

Shashi Naidoo

“I think what people are seeing on my main page is one thing and what is going on in my DMs is another thing. I have been getting death threats and wishes that I get attacked. They have been sending me my address and saying they know where I live and mustn’t sleep at night. I take full accountability for my comment but have security now at my home.”

She said she would not take any action against the threats but instead apologised for the offence her comments have caused.

“I am deeply sorry. I have hurt people and people need to now express how they feel without me responding.”

Shashi explained that she got into a debate over the long-standing Middle Eastern conflict after wanting to defend her friend Black Coffee, who was earlier this year criticised for performing in Israel but made a mistake by asking another close friend to formulate a response for her.

Shashi Naidoo

“Me, not knowing enough, asked a friend who I thought knew the other side to draft up something I could send back to show there was more sides to a story. I barely looked at it and did not read it properly. I was not thinking. It is out of character but it is no excuse. I take full accountability for my actions. I must take the repercussions.”

Shashi also apologised for the incident in a statement on social media, explaining that she tried to be smart in the debate but ended up making a mess of it.

Source: Sowetan