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Deadly Uganda protests over Bobi Wine’s arrest

Bobi Wine

Several people have been killed in Uganda in army and police operations to quell protests that broke out over the arrest of presidential candidate and pop star Bobi Wine, authorities said.

On Thursday, soldiers fanned out across the city, some in armoured vehicles. Troops and police fired tear gas, live bullets and water cannon to disperse and detain protesters on the second day of clashes.

A total of 16 people had been killed and 65 wounded, police said, without specifying details. A further 350 were arrested in the clashes.

Moments after Wine was detained while campaigning in eastern Uganda on Wednesday, spontaneous protests erupted in Kampala and several towns.

Bobi Wine Arrested

Youths set up roadblocks on key roads and lit fires before being dispersed by police.

“All the police is doing is just attacking us,” Fetsus Ojing, a Kampala resident, told Al Jazeera.

“Bobi Wine is supposed to be campaigning in the villages but he is in jail again. They are just wasting his time.”

Police said those arrested would be charged with participating in unlawful demonstrations, inciting violence, damage to properties, looting and other offences.

Al Jazeera’s Malcolm Webb reporting from Nairobi said Wine’s whereabouts were not fully known, with the police refusing to comment.

“His spokesman said he is in a high-security police facility, in the eastern city of Jinja,” Webb reported.

“Police haven’t confirmed where he is. Wine’s lawyers and his spokesman have said he hasn’t been given access to legal representation or to his medical team. They are worried he may be injured.

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Source: Aljazeera