D’banj living large in Dubai: Pictures

D’banj living large in Dubai. Nigerian superstar D’banj has spent the last week in the popular holiday and business mecca and, judging by the pictures, he is not just visiting the city but making it into a lifestyle.


For many of us the closest we will ever come to Dubai is on the news or at a stopover in an airport, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience the land of gold and Gupta meetings through celeb eyes?


On the itinerary was the very best in food and chill and we were totes jelly.

Get a ride in the fanciest rides. ‘Cause catching a cab is not for the rich and famous Y’all.


And, while he didn’t manage to sneak us in his bags,


we still got a taste of what it must be like to hit Dubai as a celeb.

DBanj car

Cause a little controversy 

What good is it to be in a place if no one is talking about you. D’banj made sure he was a hot topic of conversation when he performed in what looked like a skirt. He caught heat on social media for the move but he was blue ticking his haters.

D Banj

Eating like you’re a royal

Three-course meals? Nah, fam. We about that 8-course life in dining rooms that are fancy af!

D Banj

Source: Instagram/Times Live