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Dawn Thandeka King: I will one day open a traditional healer practice service

The star told TshisaLIVE recently that she had not expected to receive the call from the ancestors, but when her body started shaking uncontrollably one day she knew she had to embrace the gift.

Actress Dawn Thandeka King uses her acting and music to heal others but plans to open a practice to channel her gift as a traditional healer in the near future.

Dawn Thandeka King

“When you get the calling, you do not have a choice. You have to attend to it. It is filled with energy and you have to be assisted by other healers to help you. I went through a lot but I was helped and I realised that the gift can be channelled in several ways.”

Dawn said she started consulting at home but being in the entertainment industry made that difficult. So the actress decided to put her plans for a practice on ice for the moment.

Uzalo Dawn King

“I would love to have a dedicated practice, and essentially that is what I need to have, but my life right now won’t allow me a place where people can come and consult. When things slow down, I will do that but for right now I am healing through the things I do and the conversations I have.”

Dawn is one of many traditional healers who is juggling the entertainment industry and healing, including Letoya Makhene and Boity. She said that while the demands of the industry can be difficult, there is support.

Dawn Sangoma

“Everyone in the entertainment industry understands that we have a calling and I have yet to meet someone who looks down on us. I think people understand that we are carrying messages through our art and they embrace that.”

On screens, Dawn has been winning over audiences with her role as Ma-Z on Lockdown and Mangcobo Lindiwe Xulu on Uzalo.

Dawn Thandeka King

The biggest thing that these roles have taught me, especially Mangcobo, is patience and endurance. Sometimes you have to dig deep and be patient with yourself. She is a woman who is passionate and cares about her family. It has been such an honour to play a role like this.”

Source: Times Live

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