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Dawn Thandeka King’s marriage is over – It wasn’t meant to be

Dawn Thandeka King

South African actress, Dawn Thandeka King is going through the most right now. Recent reports revealed that the Kwa-Zulu Natal born star has officially divorced from her husband of 15 years.

Dawn Thandeka King

According to the entertainment gossip site, Celeb Gossip, it was stated that the Uzalo actress had a hunch about the probability of the breakdown of her marriage. But just like most couples, herself and her husband tried to explore other avenues that could salvage what was once a fiery romance – including, marriage counselling, prayer and fasting.

Dawn Thandeka King

”I loved my ex husband, perhaps I still do. We shared a lot things together, we grew up together, we raised children together but it wasn’t meant to be. We had to go our separate ways.’

Dawn Thandeka King

Dawn also stated that she is in no hurry to jump onto the love lane again.
From what Dawn has clearly expressed to the publication, this divorce was generally amicable as she encourages her five children to continue forming a solid bond with their father.

Dawn Thandeka King

”I am not going to break their relationship with their father. Instead I encourage them to have strong healthy relationship. I make sure I won’t badmouth their father because that would damage them.”

Reasons for the divorce include the long distance in the marriage that was a result of Dawn’s demanding career in the Arts and lack of communication . Although the public might never know the entire and actual reality of Dawn’s marriage, this is as far as she was willing to share.

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