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Dali Tambo: ANC can rise again

Dali Tambo, the son of former ANC president Oliver Tambo, says while his father’s dream has yet to be realized, the party can still rise back to power and restore the nation’s hope.

He said no other political formation has given South Africa what the ANC has over its 110 years in existence.

“The day is not over, we’re not through with our journey. We need to win this election and we need to be in power for at least another 30 years. We’ve transformed this country and we must continue to transform it.

‘No-one other than the ANC’

“Over the last 30 years, there is no-one other than the ANC that has had an impact on the lives of all the people of this country,” said Tambo.

The life and legacy of the late ANC president and struggle icon was commemorated yesterday, 31 years after his passing. Tambo was the leader of the ANC in exile for 30 years. He was also its longest-serving president.

Tambo called on the ANC to reflect on where it now finds itself.

Time to get up and ‘clean itself’

He said while the party had suffered setbacks, this was the time for it to get up and “clean itself”.

He further urged it to ensure a decisive victory in the elections in honour of his late father.

“We’ve had many victories and we’ve had some temporary defeats, but I’d say to the ANC make us proud, make my father and forebears and ancestors proud…

“The noble prize must be achieved, which is the true freedom of our people, which is the economic freedom of our people,” said Tambo.

In other news – #ApologyAccepted: Jelly Babie apologizes to retail cashier after viral video

Controversial South African singer, and performer, Jelly Babie has made amends with a Big Save cashier after an altercation. A video of the Bacardi star hurling insults at the cashier, demeaning her profession, went viral on social media.

Jelly Babie apologizes to retail cashier after viral video

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