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Many CT communities claim power cuts leading to more crime

Rolling blackouts are leading to more crime. That’s the anecdotal account from several communities in Cape Town.

During the power cuts on Friday morning, a neighbourhood watch member in Delft was shot in the leg, while at least three people – including a 15-year-old boy – was shot and wounded in the Mfuleni precinct as Eskom ramped up power cuts this week.

The Mfuleni community policing forum (CPF)’s Lorna Frieslaar said that violence in her neighbourhood of Wesbank got worse when the lights went out.

“Especially with load shedding in the evenings, it’s a big issue, even during the day gangsters are shooting but at least you can see something but when it’s dark during load shedding at night, they use this opportunity to shoot,” Frieslaar said.

The Delft CPF’s Charles George said that criminals were definitely taking advantage of the power cuts.

“These guys are opportunists and when the lights go out with load shedding, we had a real big spike in robberies as the guys are taking the opportunities to rob people in the dark,” George said.

The Hanover Park CPF’s Ebrahim Abrahams confirmed the worrying trend.

“When the lights go off, you find that the shooting increase. Sometimes it’s a revenge shooting that’s planned because when the lights are off they know no one will see or identify them.”


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