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Media personality and HIV activist Criselda Kananda counts her blessings

Activist and media personality Criselda Kananda is counting her blessings.

This year she started her ARVs, she survived the removal of her gall bladder, and completely healed from Covid-19 and pneumonia. Now she’s finally divorced.Criselda Kananda

She said all of this has cost her a lot of money, but it was worth it.

Last year, the media darling was also awarded an honorary Doctorate in Philosophy by the University of Zululand.Criselda Kananda1

In her Facebook post, she said: “This year I started ARVs, survived the removal of gall bladder, completely healed from Covid and pneumonia. Finally divorced, lost a lot of money. I’m alive with possibilities. Life is worth celebrating – 9 September is my day. Dankie Mpilo.”

Her social media followers, friends and media personalities took turns celebrating her milestones.

Criselda Kananda
Criselda Kananda

Mu Ngcolosi said: “You’re now ready to advise, guide and counsel. That I truly believe is your calling. People need support and service, mentorship from the people who have an idea. Often we listen and believe people that have no idea what we are going through. Keep walking my friend. Grow from glory to glory. I do not feel any pity for you as I see a testimony of a conqueror, iqhawekazi. Keep going, you are appreciated.”

Hillary Hoskins wrote: “Strong dear, yours is a story of most African women. Life of resilience. I’m not religious and don’t believe in a God. But I believe in the strength of black women because I’ve experienced that strength in many, including myself. All the best in your new chapter. You got this, sis.”

Nomzamo Landigwe suggested she gets therapy.

She said: “Hope you’re getting some therapy. All the best.”


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